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Childbirth With Grace 


Are you considering pregnancy but not sure you are ready?

Are you having any anxiety, concerns or fears that may be blocking your way to the birth experience that you desire?

Childbirth with Grace helps you prepare for the joyful experience of pregnancy and birth. Through one-on-one sessions, couples sessions or workshops you will learn to:

  • Identify the root cause of your anxiety and fear revolving around your pregnancy and birth.
  • Recognize and clear your limiting beliefs that are making you feel undeserving of a childbirth experience without fear and anxiety.
  • Embrace the uncertainty a new life brings to your world.
  • Let go of control while at the same time attract the experience that you desire.
  • Stop blocking your greatest desires – in other words eliminate self-sabotage.
  • Open the way for a deeper communication with your partner.
  • Identify your families’ history of birth trauma, recognize that you don’t have to buy into it and re-pattern your heritage.

Discover, “It’s not about planning your pregnancy or birth; it’s about clearing the way.”

My vision is to help couples to grow and heal their relationships. I also want to help women and couples prepare for pregnancy and childbirth by shedding away fear and anxiety regarding their journey through conception, pregnancy, birth and parenting.

If you would like to discuss your possibilities please contact me.

Ilia Blandina



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